Why Hire An AV Company For Your Party?

Parties are a great occasion to gather with people and make some positive memories. In order to throw a successful party, you need the right venue. You also need to make that venue as comfortable and fun as possible for the duration of your event. Here are four things an audio visual company can do for your party: 1. Show a slideshow. If your party is meant to commemorate a special event, such as retirement, anniversary, or graduation, you may want to show a slideshow to celebrate the person or people who have made the achievement. Read More 

3 Secrets To Planning A Winter Event

Planning an invite in the winter requires some extra finesse. You are in competition for your guest's time and that competition is fierce this time of year. There are several things you can do, however, to make it a success. Invite Early Winter is a busy time of year for many people. Between work events, family get-togethers, end-of-year reports, and all that shopping, things can get hectic. Adding your event into the mix requires a little extra effort. Read More 

Wedding Tent Rental Considerations

Lots of big outdoor weddings will be held beneath majestic tents. Large pole tents are sometimes the best tents to use in these situations. There Are Different Tent Types and Wedding Planners Will Often Specifically Use Pole Tents  Setting up a pole tent is relatively easy, and it should not take very long. Many people also like pole tents because of their curved roofs. Wedding photographers will be able to take striking pictures with pole tents in the background. Read More